What are cookies?
Cookies or Cookies are small text files stored in browser directories used by the user. Cookies are used to help users effectively use Web sites and make certain functionalities available. Cookies play an important role in facilitating and improving the usability of websites, which, if deleted or blocked, may cause some websites or certain functionalities to become unavailable to users. How do we use cookies?
We do not use cookies on this website.
"Third Party Cookies" It is possible for the website to have links to other sites or embedded content from other sites (such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google+, etc.). By visiting these sites or opening content from them, it is likely that your cookie will be cookieted from these other sites. In practice, such cookies are referred to as third-party cookies. MD Building Ltd. has no control over the generation and management of third-party cookies. For more information on the purpose of using third-party cookies and their content, please search and learn about the privacy and cookie policies adopted by the third parties concerned.