Wine and taste for connoisseurs!
Entering the Hadjidraganovi izby restaurant, you find yourself in the atmosphere of an old wine cellar with stone walls and barrels next to the walls.

The legend of Hadji Dragan - the man, who organized the construction of the beautiful houses from Koprivshtitsa, Zheravna, Bansko and Melnik in the center of Sofia - today the Hadjidraganovite Kashti (The houses of Hadji Dragan) the restaurant, lies in the making of the Hadjidragan cellars. Wine collected from different parts of Bulgaria matured in his cellars.

Hadji Dragan's cellar was famous, where you could find wine for every taste . Every fall, the winemaker tasted dozens of sent wines and personally selected the most enchanting ones. Few people managed to go down into the cool dungeons and see where the drink of the gods was aged, because Haji Dragan jealously guarded his master bow. Therefore, it was a great honor for a guest to come down and see the wonderful cellars.

Silence, the smell of old wine and coolness greeted the guests. In the gloom of the gas lamps, the casks could be seen arranged in long and slender rows, and on the dusty shelves of straw lay meekly the bottles of selected wine.

In the Hadjidraganovi izby restaurant, we offer Bulgarian national cuisine with dishes prepared on the stove, in the oven and on the grill, which every Bulgarian can be proud of. The menu contains selected Bulgarian specialties of lamb (Gergiovski oven lamb), pork (Mehanjiyski shank), chicken (butterfly chicken), veal (catino meze), sumptuous sofries served on carved wooden plates (Balkan grill for four , voivodship sofra), sweet desserts (homemade biscuit cake), fresh salads and more than 60 dishes in our rich menu offered in carved wooden covers.

For good company, only Bulgarian wines are available, a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, carefully selected by connoisseurs and connoisseurs, and Bulgarian folk songs will remind you of our roots